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NEW POP—Three Artists of China/Japan/Korea Exhibition



NEW POP—Three Artists of China/Japan/Korea Exhibition



Japanese artist Yuki Matsueda’s series art work “Emergency Exit” is so impressive as a break from the plane safety identification labels we see everyday. A three-dimensional little man truly runs out of the emergency exit in his work. If we compare him with the pioneers of the Pop Art movement, Yuki Matsudea should be Cales Oldenberg. His works are both plane and three-dimensional. A knowing smile is perceptible in audiences at their first glimpse at Yuki Matsudea’s works. And they will take pictures of these works as they would like to share these joys and touch feelings with others. Yuki Matsudea picks up these daily objects from life skillfully, endows them with a sense of humor, and presents them to the viewers with semi-three-dimensional rendering.


We can sense an amazing realistic and skill from the Korean artist Kim’s paintings. In contrast, the plum takes the form of Chinese ink painting, and presents a perfect skill in both oil and ink paintings, leaving the viewers breathless. In Kim’s painting album, the artist said that “The intention is to blend four opposite elements together in a picture, the first is traditional and modern, the second East and West, the third plane and three-dimensional and the fourth animation and realism.” With those four points in mind, we can gain a further understanding of Kim’s works. I believe that Kim will definitely harvest a tremendous success in the near future, but we often fail to experience the shock from the original works by simply looking at the album. In this network information era, it is very difficult to find out Kim’s extraordinary talent if you are not looking at his original works. It is an irony of this information age. And you, who are reading my article now, are definitely lucky if you can ever have the opportunity to stand in front of Kim’s works.


Chinese artist Gong Xinru uses signs (also known as text painting or text words, it’s a visual symbol for prompt or notice) as the creation element. Automobile brand logos from all over the world are implanted by the artist into the monkey-like faces made with yellow acrylic material. This series of works fully reveal the growing traffic problem with the development of society and the popularity of cars. If you observe the picture carefully, you will find car accident reports engraved in the white background. And Gong Xinru’s work reveals this phenomenon. It is severe and practical problem in the real world, yet the artist doesn’t pretend to be profound, instead he poses the problem with a sense of humor and sarcasm. He also uses this unique acrylic material boldly for his works. I believe, standing in front of his works, we all can have our mind enlightened.


Three artists on behalf of China, Japan and Korea respectively now come together, and what they have in common is the strong sense of humor that reveals in their works. Although viewers’ reactions are different more or less when they see these three artists’ works, it is without doubt that everyone will smile. In watching the contemporary art, I think the most important reaction is “smile”, which is also a critical standard when it comes to evaluate the art works. Smile occurs out of a sudden and you won’t smile without a thorough understanding: only an instant understanding promises a smile. Curator Shun curates this New Pop exhibition by choosing these three artists. Pop Art seems to finally return to its due normal track from the creation attitude of irony and indifference.


By Yumi Yamaguchi




NEW POP--中日韩艺术家三人群展











代表中日韩的三位艺术家如今汇聚一堂,其共性是作品中流露出来的强烈幽默感。虽然看到三人的作品,观者的反应多多少少会有不同,但毋庸置疑的一点是大家都会笑。观看当代艺术,我觉得最重要的一个反应就是“笑”,也是对艺术品评价的一个至关重要的标准。笑是突然发生的,如果没有完全理解是不会发笑的,只有瞬间理解之后才会笑。策展人Shun选择了这三位艺术家,策划了这次的New Pop展览。波普似乎终于从讽刺,冷漠的创作态度中回到正常的应有的状态。